DLG Recycling

DLG Recycle. Computer Recycle. Electronics Recycle.Computer and Electronics Recycling in the QUAD CITY area. WORKING OR NOT WORKING we recycle it. If it has wires and electronics boards we recycle it. We also recycle appliances, tools, cables and cords. Keep eWaste out of the landfills. When you recycle with DLG Recycle we will harvest and recycle as much material as possible from these computer and electronic items. Buy, Sell, Trade, Refurbish and Recycle (Desktops and Laptops).

Computer Recycling – Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Phones

Computer Parts Recycling – All expansion cards, ISA, PCI, PCIX. Video, Audio, Ethernet cards

Electronics Recycling – Audio, Video and Music Equipment

Cables – Audio, Video, Computer Accessories, Mice, Keyboards, Speakers

TV Recycling Pickup – We offer a pickup service for $70.00 for large TV’s that you cannot move or do not want to move yourself

TV Recycling Drop Off – $25.00 PER TV.