We are happy to visit your onsite location to analyze and diagnose computer networking issues.

We diagnose and repair both wired and wireless computer networks. We can help you track down Local Area Network problems as well as external network failures (internet not working) to determine if you have failing network hardware. We can also verify if some type of software is causing issues in your network environment.

Windows Firewall settings, Operating System Permissions and Anti-Virus programs can often cause network failures which prevent normal operation of software in your network environment.

We can troubleshoot and resolve your network file sharing, network printers and scanners, and other systems like X-Ray Hardware or Practice Software that you rely on to work in your network.

If you are having problems with your wireless network or wireless devices on your network we can troubleshoot and resolve them. We also provide WiFi analysis of your local environment to identify weak or blocked wireless signals. Once we understand your wireless environment we can make recommendations for wireless network extenders or more robust wireless network equipment.

Tri City Computers serves Prescott Valley, Prescott, Chino Valley and Dewey-Humboldt. (928) 775-3000