General PC diagnostics help us understand what is wrong with your computer and what we can do to fix it.
If we can’t diagnose it, we will not charge you. If we can fix it and you choose to proceed with the fix we will include the diagnostic in the cost of the repair.

Often times when we complete a diagnostic the system requires a virus cleanup, a Windows Reload or various hardware replacements or hardware upgrades.

Most virus cleanups are pretty straight forward. We can do virus cleanups either in the shop or onsite depending on your needs.

In the shop (located in Prescott Valley) we charge $105.00 to $175.00 for a Virus Cleanup. That is 1.5 to 2.5 hours of labor. It is more cost effective to to do the virus cleanup in the shop, because our pricing is limited to 2.5 hours of labor. However we can come to you and perform virus cleanups at your home or business location. We charge $80.00 per hour (1 hour minimum) onsite, but virus cleanups can actually take over 2.5 hours onsite. So if it’s possible to live without the computer for a day we can come pick it up for free and drop it off for free.

People often wonder what can cause a Windows Operating System failure. We see a lot of computers that get stuck in a reboot loop or a repair loop. The cause of this problem is generally hard drive data corruption.  But the causes of data corruption on a hard drive can vary widely.

Hard Drive Data Corruption can be caused by Virus Infection, Improper Hard Shutdowns, and even Hard Drive Failure. The purpose of a diagnostic is to assess the viability of a system so we can recommend the best course of action for a fast recovery.

In cases where the computer is an older model, the best course of action can sometimes be hardware upgrades or even a refurbished or new computer. Your choice will generally depend on your budget, but we try to make our services and parts affordable to all our customers.

When a hard drive fails to boot the operating system it is quite often possible to recover and transfer your data from the drive to a new Windows Operating system. To do this we remove your old hard drive, replace with a new hard drive (usually a Solid State Drive (SSD)) and then we transfer your data to the new Operating System depositing your profile data where it belongs.

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Whether you are a home or business user, we can help get you up and running at minimum cost to your wallet. We look forward to helping you recover your data and repair your computer system.