Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades make a HUGE difference in computer performance. We specialize in SSD installation, data transfer, and application recovery for your SSD Upgrade. Why buy a new PC when an SSD upgrade will cost less and perform better than most new system “deals” at Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, or Sam’s Club.

When your computer is running slow and starting to misbehave, it’s a really EXCELLENT time invest a small amount in a Solid State Drive (SSD). When it’s time to reload your computer, adding a little more investment for a Solid State Drive will increase your computer’s performance dramatically.

Most home computer users utilize around 60 to 80 Gigabytes of their current hard drive space. Having a huge old Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that you do not use is really not much of an advantage compared to the performance enhancements available with a Solid State Drive.

Most of our clients go with a 120GB Solid State Drive unless they need the extra space. Additionally, when we add a new solid state drive and reload your operating system on it, we can use your old drive as an Internal Backup Drive. This allows you to have a daily backup solution for your files and a current Operating System Drive image from which we can restore your entire computer when disaster strikes.

Solid State Drives are 5 to 15 times faster (in most cases) than an old hard drive. When an SSD comes to the end of it’s life, (if it has not been zapped by electrical voltage) you cannot write data to the drive any longer, BUT you can usually read the data from the drive. This means that SSD technology could be the difference between you being able to retrieve your data or losing it forever. Data Integrity, Speed and Performance Boost are 2 really good reasons to upgrade your computer with a new Solid State Drive.

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