Tri City Computers provides our business clients with custom computer and server builds to meet your business needs. With the addition of new technology to your environment, productivity increases. There is nothing more annoying to an employee or business owner than when your computer is taking way to long to boot, reboot or retrieve data from old tired hard drives while the customer is waiting at the counter.

Workplace productivity is dramatically increased when your computers are not slow.
Whether you need a business workstation or server we can help you get there.
All of our system builds include Solid State Drive technology, because there is nothing better for speed and performance.

Many businesses utilize custom servers because they can be tailored to the needs of your business. When multiple workstations are hitting your server for data, file sharing, printer sharing or application provision, it’s critical to keep your server up to the task for all your employees.

A computer network is only as fast as it’s weakest link. It’s a good idea to build or refurbish your workstations with new SSD technology and hardware upgrades so you can get the job done efficiently. We also encourage business owners to keep up with the latest Windows Operating Systems for reasons of security and compatibility with your business software.

Let us give you an estimate for a new custom workstation or server that will rocket your productivity and give you a competitive edge.

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