Data Transfer Services on functioning hard drives (drives that power up, spin up and detect properly) are a regular operation within the Computer Repair Shop environment. We generally offer Data Transfer services when reloading a computer or laptop with a new hard drive or reloading on your existing drive after verifying the health of your drive.

Sometimes you have an old drive that you need the data from. We don’t even need your whole computer to accomplish this task.

NOTE*** It’s a good idea to know where you want to put your data once we retrieve it. So bring your new computer, or even an external USB Hard Drive or Flash Drive with you and we can transfer the data to your new device.

It’s also important to note that your programs cannot be transferred from your old drive. They MUST be REINSTALLED with the installation media (i.e. CD, DVD, Flash Drive or Downloaded Installation File).

In some cases, for example with Microsoft Office, we can obtain the installation media for you, but we will still need the license key. If you do not have the license key we can sometimes obtain the license key from your existing “BOOTABLE” operating system by running specialized tools to retrieve the license keys. However some license keys are not stored in the registry and are not able to be retrieved.

Sometimes (with Microsoft Office) if you ordered the software directly from your Microsoft account (and you know the username and password of the account) we can login and use your digital license key to reinstall the Microsoft Office Suite which you purchased.

If this is not possible and you MUST have Microsoft Office, we can guide you through the purchase of a new Microsoft Office software key.

If you are willing to learn just a little bit we can give you other free options including: Open Office, Libre Office, and Google Docs. These are logical alternatives that will save you money and still give you compatibility with most Microsoft Application Functions. But the interface is just a little different.

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