Data Recovery from your Desktop PC or Laptop PC is possible if your hard drive still powers up, spins up and is recognized by an external computer. We have Hard Drive (SATA and IDE) USB adapters that allow us to recover your data even if your operating system refuses to boot. In most cases we can still access the data if it’s not corrupted.

If your Hard Drive is physically damaged, the process of Data Recovery may be impossible with regular tools and utilities. The only option remaining in this scenario is to take your Hard Drive to a clean room facility like Data Doctors. In a clean room facility, your hard drive can be disassembled and the disks inside can be read with special equipment that allows the professional to retrieve the raw data from the disk. Then they put it on an external USB hard drive and give to you.

Most people are not willing to spend the $150 non-refundable analysis fee without a guarantee of results. Even fewer are willing to spend up to $1500.00 to retrieve the data. So the best scenario is summed up in the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We can help you with the “ounce of prevention” in two ways.
1. Have a solid backup plan in place.
2. Reinstall your current operating system on a Solid State Drive.

  1. The backup plan is simple. We use built in Windows Backup tools so there is no added expense for fancy software. When we reinstall your operating system on a Solid State Drive, we can either use your old drive as a backup drive (or put another backup Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or another Solid State Drive (SSD)) in your PC for daily backups. If your primary drive fails, we can install a new primary Solid State Drive and re-image your computer operating system to the new drive with all of your information, programs, data and settings.
  2. Using a Solid State Drive as your primary operating system drive will decrease the chances of you losing data due to drive failure. Solid State Drives have no moving parts that break. Also when SSD drives come to end of life, it means that you can no longer WRITE data to the drive, but in most cases you can READ the data from your drive.

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We are happy to be here to help in your time of crisis, but we prefer to help you wisely prepare for such technology and data disasters.