Because we recycle computers, laptops and electronics we have the ability to provide you with affordable refurbished technology.

The cost of a refurbished computer at Tri-City Computers competes with “new computer” pricing in the current market at Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, or even custom built computers. Most of the time even the “NEW” computers you buy will not come with a Solid State Drive unless you ask for it and pay more. So it ends up not being a better deal for “you” the consumer.

We also buy used computers and laptops at wholesale pricing from people who are ready to sell. We offer the savings to our customers. When we refurbish a computer it will have a Solid State Drive which will make a huge difference in performance for you. Everyone craves speed and performance and that’s what we deliver at a real discount.

We load our refurbished laptops and desktops with Windows 10 and Windows 7 unless something else is requested. We are not fans of Windows 8 because the User Experience has proven to be inconvenient and difficult to use.

When you buy a refurbished laptop from Tri-City Computers we will include data transfer from your old Desktop PC or Laptop PC. We will put your profile data, pictures, music, videos, documents and your personal files on the purchased PC at no extra cost.

NOTE*** Programs cannot be transferred they must be reinstalled.

Take some inventory of your programs that have been installed on your old computer. If you need them, you will need to have the installation media, CD, DVD, Flash Drive or Download to reinstall the programs. We can help you with Microsoft Office if you have a license key even if you don’t have the CD or Download. But you must have your license key to make it work.

Tri City Computers serves Prescott Valley, Prescott, Chino Valley and Dewey-Humboldt. (928) 775-3000