In addition to developing WordPress or custom websites, we can help you boost your social marketing presence for your business in your local area. We train you how to utilize your local social networking groups to increase your visual presence in your local area.

Facebook is for more than just checking up on your friends and family, and FACEBOOK KNOWS IT. We specialize in showing you ways that you can create organic marketing results with a little bit of Facebook creativity. Your social network of local friends can be an invaluable source of business contacts for your local business.

Of course there are also ways to utilize your financial marketing budget to increase your local visibility to your target audience. You can adjust your marketing target demographic to as narrow or as wide as your budget can afford.

We recommend that you try both organic social marketing (using your time and energy to create and share creative and inspiring content) and paid social marketing which can reach wider audiences.

Tri City Computers serves Prescott Valley, Prescott, Chino Valley and Dewey-Humboldt, but we can reach out past our geographical boundaries to help you with your social marketing business goals and aspirations. (928) 775-3000