VOIP Telephone systems are becoming more and more dominant in the telecom industry. We troubleshoot when your phones are down. Many times it can be a network problem, but sometimes it’s the phone as well. We can work with your current system or recommend a new VOIP Phone System provider. It’s easier for you to have our computer tech support talk to your VOIP tech support to diagnose problems and provide solutions.

If you do not yet have a VOIP Phone System in your office, getting one can give you great advantages in your business. VOIP Phone System Providers allow you to set up a robust answering system to route your calls to the appropriate phones for maximum productivity.

You can also capture your clients messages to the appropriate inbox or forward calls to users that are out of the office using a cell phone, or to a different location altogether.

Voice Over IP Providers such as Nextiva, Vonage, Grasshopper and others provide external VOIP service that utilizes your internet connection. This provision is separate from your phone line provider in most cases. In the Prescott Quad City area phone lines can be provided by CableOne or Century Link.

Alternatively, some people use an internal VOIP server to route their calls and set up their phones. This uses a software called FreePBX which is web-based open source graphical user interface that manages Asterisk, a voice over IP and telephony server. There is much to learn about the system if you are planning on running it yourself.

The advantage of running FreePBX and managing your VOIP system yourself is there are no monthly VOIP service provider charges. The disadvantage is the huge learning curve and required updates and maintenance when things go wrong. It’s all in your hands.

The advantage of having an external company handle your VOIP provision is that they provide customer service when things go wrong.

In either case you are dependent on your network and internet connection.

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Let us help you make a wise choice of VOIP Provision to boost your business productivity.