Data Backup and Transfer Services

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Data Transfer Services on functioning hard drives (drives that power up, spin up and detect properly) are a regular operation within the Computer Repair Shop environment. We generally offer Data Transfer services when reloading a computer or laptop with a new hard drive or reloading on your existing drive after verifying the health of your [...]

Computer and Electronics Recycling

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We recycle your old computers and electronics. That means everything from computers to laptops, Networking equipment, routers, switches, cables, power supplies and more. Stereo equipment, speakers, appliances, tools and more. If it has electronics and/or metal in it we recycle it. TV recycling is $10.00 per TV. Everything else is free to recycle. We also [...]

Business Computers and Networks Maintenance Contracts

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As a business owner, it's very frustrating when your systems go down. We offer monthly, quarterly bi-annual and annual checkups and maintenance plans to keep your business technology running at top performance. We are flexible with your budget. We know Information Technology is expensive to maintain, but it's even worse when you end up in [...]

Website Development

By |2021-06-08T00:35:24+00:00June 23rd, 2017|Website Development, WordPress Websites|

We offer WordPress website design and development. From simple solutions to custom web stores; we are pleased to use our 20 years of technology experience to benefit your business needs. WordPress is a robust website framework which can expand to meet your specific business needs. The difference between using an existing framework and paying for [...]

Solid State Drive VS Hard Disk Drive

By |2021-06-08T00:35:25+00:00May 4th, 2017|SSD VS HDD|

These days the most common performance problem we see in computers is the Hard Disk Drive(HDD). We recommend replacing your old Hard Disk Drive with a new Solid State Drive. Briefly, the advantages are simple. Faster Data Read Speed No Moving Parts that can break Better Long Term Data Viability. When an old HDD breaks [...]

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