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Carrie new
Carrie new
07:57 21 Jul 19
Well after I fell for a scammer and was very upset with myself, I called Tri City Computers and he really made me feel better and took care of my computer right away. He also updated it with better parts and took the time to explain everything to me. Thank you for all your help.
Lisa Grell
Lisa Grell
03:24 19 Jul 19
Greg at Tri City Computers made my day! He fixed my computer fully, and explained in common terms what I needed. His bill was exactly what he quoted with no "surprises". He sat with me to show me the changes he made. I will be returning to Tri City Computers with any concerns I have in the future. I recommend them fully!
Dennis Royse
Dennis Royse
21:47 12 Jul 19
Great service. These guy know hardware, software and cyber security inside and out. Customized service and reasonable prices. They listened to me first, so they understood what I needed.
Mary Flynn
Mary Flynn
23:39 21 Jun 19
I have used Tri-City computer repair three times in the last several months. All were for different issues. The first was for my son's computer that was damaged in the move. It was diagnosed and repaired within a day at a very reasonable price. I returned a few weeks later when I had I problem with my laptop's virus protection. Again the problem was diagnosed and made right in a very short amount of time and at a reasonable cost. I spoke with Greg when I brought my laptop in and he explained I could keep my laptop and upgrade to digital and get Windows 10. Wow it was great! My computer is much faster with more memory. I had to go back for printer problem after the upgrade and Greg fixed that too in a very timely manner. Thanks again. I will use them again if I have any further computer issues.
James LaJocies
James LaJocies
19:01 25 Apr 19
The other day when I was about to start playing one of my ‘Hot Single Shooter’ computer games, I heard a “Snap, Crackle, Pop” sound and all of a sudden, my mind absorbing game lock on screen and froze up. Staring in amazement I whispered a couple phrases that can’t be mentioned here and rebooted the PC. That usually fixes things and gets me back running again. But, not this time. In fact, not this time and several times over. So I grabbed my PC and sprinted to my favorite PC repair shop, Tri-City Computers and anxiously explained to them my dilemma and the frustration I was experiencing being unable to shoot ‘Bad Guys’ on my computer game. You see, I’m a retiree with too much time on my hands, sometimes. But that’s another story. With straight forth eagerness and professionalism, the techs at hand took my PC and reconnected cables, plugs and all other fancy technical things and proceeded to look inside her (my PC). With the skill of a diagnostician and skillfully searching inside while making discovery comments such as “Oh, Ah, oh no, this is not good.” They turned to render me the sad news while I paced the floor like an expected Father awaiting his first newborn. Well, not really but you get the picture. “Your graphics board is fried, toasted, gave up the ghost. We will have to render a transplant.” Relieved, I replied, “Okay, whatever it takes. Spare no costs.” So after ordering a replacement, they installed a brand new graphics board – a younger model, sleek, fast with more power. So now I’m very happy sitting in front of my monitor shooting up bad guys in my single action computer game. The bottom line to this little escapade is to render to all of you who are reading this that in my opinion there is no other better computer repair shop anywhere, hands down bar none then Tri-City Computers. Professionalism, backed by knowable – certified technicians, shrouded by honesty, straight talk and a fair price. Your one stop shop - Tri-City Computers.
wayne wyman
wayne wyman
19:44 09 Apr 19
Nancy Beirl
Nancy Beirl
01:42 19 Jan 19
I have been going to Tri City Computers for many years. Today, once again, they helped me. The mouse on my laptop was stuck. Thankfully a minor issue. Through my experience with them, they have always offered and explained options to any-bigger- issues I have had. They are always knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. They give you fast and honest treatment. And your money stays with a local business and someone that is looking you in the eye, not asking you to get in line for a ticket and giving vague information about what you are getting yourself into! I trust these people and recommend them.
Tony Corio
Tony Corio
19:35 04 May 17
After taking my computer in for repair numerous times to several repair shops, I had given up hope; even thought of burning the stupid thing. A good friend recommended Tri City Computers in Prescott Valley. Zion and Greg were very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me understand why I was dissatisfied with the other unit and into a refurbished computer. This one I really like! And...they gave me a credit for the old stupid one. Since I'm a bit computer illiterate, the help I received with the initial setup was awesome. I'll be back and recommend you to others. Thanks Zion and Greg.
Nancy Cannon
Nancy Cannon
23:33 07 Apr 17
Wow, I was really impressed. Greg sure knows what he is doing. I am not real computer savvy, but he was very patient. Great job! Thanks
Bob Stout
Bob Stout
14:36 24 Mar 17
Couldn't ask for a better computer company to deal with. I would have given a 10 star review if it were available. Greg and son, Zion were a pleasure to deal with and know their stuff. I freely recommend them to anyone. An addendum to the above: If only my internet service/provider(?) were as reliable as these folks. Once again they saved my bacon. Can't recommend them high enough. 3/24/17 Bob Stout
Michael Petraitis
Michael Petraitis
23:54 01 Mar 17
Last week I took my 2+year old laptop into Tri-City Computers to see if they could help me. Greg and Zion were so kind and tried to help me. It was not a computer that could be helped. Thankfully they sold me a computer they had refurbished for a very low price. It works beautifully, I love it. Best home laptop I have ever owned. They helped me with Desktop shortcuts for all of my needs as well as setting up my printer/scanner. Their Customer Service is excellent. Anyone needing affordable computer repair, Tech support this is the place to go. A family business with folks you can trust. Thank you, Greg, Dorie and Zion.
Susan Ponte
Susan Ponte
20:46 21 Feb 17
I trust & have confidence in Tri City Computers. Zion has worked on 2 of my laptops & they're running great. As I'm not computer savvy, Zion takes the time to explain & show me what has been fixed on my laptops--along with advice & tips. Zion & Greg have integrity--they stand behind their work & "go the extra mile."
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